Mouse Pathology Facility – MPF 

The Mouse Pathology Facility (MPF) is a histology platform whose mission is to provide in-depth histological analysis. The MPF at AGORA is a branch of the MPF Epalinges platform. This platform is able to offer all types of histology work to research groups affiliated to AGORA. In addition, the platform makes part of its equipment available to research groups.


The MPF provides several core services:

  • Paraffin embedding and coating
  • Paraffin-embedded sections
  • OCT-embedded sections via cryostat
  • Standard histochemical stainings (H&E, Giemsa) and special stainings upon request
  • Histochemical immunostaining in HRP or fluorescence, possibility of double or triple fluorescence staining
  • Introduction to paraffin sectioning, cryostat sectioning and general advice on histology


The MPF equipment:

  • CryoStar NX70 cryostat
  • MicromHM 355S microtome
  • Leica Histocore Arcadia paraffin embedding station
  • Leica ASP 300S VIP machine for paraffin embedding
  • Equipment and buffers for HIER technique (low pH, high pH)
  • Slide hydration / dehydration columns
  • H&E manual staining station
  • Label printer for histology slides


Veronique Noguet

Technical support