Prof. George Coukos Receives PMWC 2024 Pioneer Award for Revolutionary Cancer Immunotherapy Research.

AGORA member Prof. George Coukos, a distinguished physician-scientist at Ludwig Cancer Research and the University of Lausanne, has been honored with the PMWC 2024 Pioneer Award for his groundbreaking work in advancing knowledge and treatment for solid tumors.

His research focuses on deciphering Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) and developing gene-modified and TIL-based cell therapies, aiming to enhance natural immunity for effective solid tumor therapies. Prof. Coukos’ work provides valuable insights into successful immunotherapy, offering lessons for next-generation TILs with enhanced performance.

We congratulate Prof. Coukos on this remarkable achievement !

At PMWC 2024, Prof. Coukos will share more about his transformative work in cancer immunotherapy during his Award Ceremony and Keynote on “Engineering Synthetic T Cell States for Cancer Rejection,” scheduled in January 2024. More details are available here.