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AGORA Leadership

AGORA Management

The AGORA managing team is responsible for implementing and enforcing all operations at AGORA.

Secretary General – Dr. Jovan Mirkovitch

Executive Director – Prof. Michele De Palma

Manager – Dr. Mara Kornete (, +41 79 556 2153)

AGORA Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee defines and implements the strategic vision, scientific programme and operations at AGORA.

Composition 2024

President: Michele De Palma (EPFL)

Head of Department of Oncology

George Coukos

Associate Physician, Group Leader, Department of Oncology

Fernanda Herrera

Assistant Professor, Department of Oncology

Michal Bassani

Professor, School of Life Sciences

Michele De Palma

Professor, School of Engineering, Institute of Bioengineering

Christoph Merten

Director Institute ISREC-EPFL

Elisa Oricchio

Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences

Andrew Oates

Professor Department of Fundamental Oncology

Johanna Joyce

Associate Director for Research Department of Fundamental Oncology

Tatiana Petrova

Dean for Research and Innovation

Claudia Bagni

Non-voting members of the Scientific Committee
ISREC Foundation
: Susan Gasser (Gasser Lab –, Philippe Moreillon | UNIGE: Mikaël Pittet | SOC AGORA: Jovan Mirkovitch, Mara Kornete

AGORA Coordination Body

The Coordination Body is the supreme body of the partnership, competent for validating strategic and financial decisions.

Composition 2024

President: Gisou van der Goot (EPFL)

Director General

Nicolas Demartines

Director Department of Education and Research,
Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine

Manuel Pascual

Director Innovation and Clinical Research Department

Mauro Oddo

Vice-President for Responsible Transformation

Gisou van der Goot

Vice President for Operations

Matthias Gäumann

Vice-President a.i. for Finance

Marc Bachelot


Frédéric Herman 

Vice-Rector for Ecological Transition & Campus

Benoît Frund

Vice-Rector for Research

Estelle Doudet

Non-voting members of the Coordination Body
ISREC Foundation
: Susan Gasser (Gasser Lab –, Philippe Moreillon | AGORA Scientific Committee: Michele De Palma, Georges Coukos, Tatiana Petrova | SOC AGORA: Jovan Mirkovitch, Catherine Borghini-Polier, Mara Kornete