AGORA Decathlon Round 3: Ping Pong | Sep 1st

The ACA โ€“ Agoraโ€™s Committee for Amusement โ€“ is thrilled to announce a Ping Pong tournament as the 3rd event of the Agora Decathlon !

The ping pong tournament will consist in 2 phases : a group phase followed by a final phase with the firsts of each group and the 2 best seconds.  

The group phase starts September 1, and has to be concluded by October 15.

For the group phase:

  • each team will play one match against each other team within the group
  • 2-4 participants per team and per match are required but the whole team can come to support their champions
  • a match is played in 3 games (rounds) of 21 points: 2 games as singles and 1 game as double
  • for the single rounds, 2 different people must play
  • unless impossible, the players for the double should be different from those for the singles.

The winner of each group will be the best 2 player-team out of the 3 games!

To book the ping pong table for a match (day can be chosen by the teams for each match), refer to the calendar on the glass window near the Leenaard Space, 2nd floor.  For an entire match (3 games), allow 30 min to 1h of booking. Please note that the table can only be used before 9:30 AM, from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM or after 5:00 PM.

The table will be installed in the Atrium (assuming no complaints) for the time of the tournament. The rackets and balls will be available upon signature at the building entrance desk (2nd floor).

Please, after the match immediately report the score of the 3 games to Florent Duval ( and write it down on the score forms near the ping pong table.

For the ping pong rules, refer to the attached document attached and displayed near the table.

๐Ÿ˜‰ Let the games begin!

– Your ACA –