AGORA Decathlon Round 4: Canvas of Agora | October 12th

Dear Decathlonians,

The ACA – Agora’s Committee for Amusement – is thrilled to announce the next Agora Decathlon event:

           “Canvas of Agora”

Do you want to share the beauty of science that comes straight out of your research? Create an image that would represent your science and your team in the most visual way to the Agora community.

Submit your scientific art as part of the until September 30th: 

All artwork will be printed out and exhibited in the foyer of Agora. The winners will be selected on the 12th of October during a coffee break at 3:30-4:30 PM with the help of a jury and the public.

Additionally, the ISREC Foundation may choose an image from the competing selection to illustrate its annual greeting card, which is distributed in more than 2000 copies throughout Switzerland. 

Image specifications

Images will be printed in A2 format (420 x 594 mm, portrait or landscape) at 300 dpi (3500×5000 pixels).

Please comply with the image format (width:height ratio of 1:1.4142), otherwise we cannot guarantee that what you send is exactly what will be printed.

Example Submission with advice (pdf)

Lower resolutions are possible, but will potentially generate artifacts when resized.

No matter the resolution, please respect the aspect ratio (you can pad your image with a background color or texture of your choice), or you will end up with white borders!

Looking forward to appreciating your beautiful science,

 – The ACA –