AGORA PRS | January 17th

Dear all,

Please, see below the invitation for the Scientific Platform Special Seminar of the AGORA Progress Report Series (AGORA PRS).

We would like to invite you to discover the complete solution we can offer you (equipment and expertise) for non-invasive ultrasound imaging for your cancer studies through a collaboration between IVIF and the CAF facility at the FBM.

In addition, in a second part, we would like to introduce you to photoacoustic imaging (coupling of infrared light and ultrasound) which offers more than a simple depth visualization, a functional imaging of your tumor microenvironment.

Please join us for this seminar that might help you to open up some new scientific avenues available to you at the AGORA.

Best regards,

Dr.  Alexandre Benechet

Head of the IVIF

Confidentiality notice:
Presentations contain unpublished results and privileged information intended for internal use at the AGORA community. Do not record, screenshot, photograph, or reproduce slides or distribute to third parties without written permission from the presenter.

For further information please contact the AGORA team.