AGORA PRS | January 31st

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce AGORA Progress Reports (AGORA PRS) Special Seminar by Prof. Wouter Karthaus, next Tuesday, January 31st.

The Karthaus lab focuses on initiation and progression of steroid hormone dependent cancers and mechanisms of resistance to drug treatments.

Using organoids and genetic engineering they try to elucidate the various molecular mechanisms driving cancer evolution. In this talk Prof. Wouter Karthaus will discuss the influence of castration and anti-androgen therapy on the benign prostate and prostate cancer.

More information about Karthaus lab – Lab of endocrine therapy resistance and molecular genetics ‐ EPFL

Confidentiality notice:
Presentations contain unpublished results and privileged information intended for internal use at the AGORA community. Do not record, screenshot, photograph, or reproduce slides or distribute to third parties without written permission from the presenter.

For further information please contact the AGORA team.