AGORA PRS – Special seminar | September 13th

Dear researchers,

Would you like to follow the metabolism of your tumor model in vivo by MRI overtime? Would you like to determine a spatial metabolite profile of the tumor in vivo in order to identify specific zones of development, undergoing hypoxia…?

In addition to the simple anatomy of the tumor, MRI can help oncology many ways and enables critical functional assessments such as vascularization, metabolism and characterization of the tumor microenvironment.

In our effort to bring together all pre-clinical MRI expertise in the Lausanne area, the IVIF is collaborating with the CIBM EPFL and invited Cristina Ramona Cudalbu, responsible of the 9.4 Tesla MRI, to present her work on Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in the context of tumor imaging.

Confidentiality notice:
Presentations contain unpublished results and privileged information intended for internal use at the AGORA community. Do not record, screenshot, photograph, or reproduce slides or distribute to third parties without written permission from the presenter.

For further information please contact the AGORA team.