AGORA Sustainability Day

Dear AGORA Community Members,

Join us for the inaugural AGORA Sustainability Day on May 1st!

We are excited to introduce a new initiative aimed at fostering sustainability and community engagement within AGORA.

During the morning on May 1st, we will all get together for a team clean-up session. This community clean-up will be carried out by each group in their own lab & office spaces, expected to last for 1-2 hours and facilitated with a checklist, cleaning materials, and recycling units provided and coordinated together with AGORA lab managers.

Following the clean-up, we will convene for a community lunch, which will be provided in the Atrium space from 12h30-13h30 ! Please bring your own cup to minimize waste!

In the afternoon, we are honoured to host two seminars led by the SV-EPFL Sustainability Team and the Sustainability and Health Platform of FBM-UNIL. These sessions will offer practical insights and strategies for conducting research in a more sustainable manner, as well as ideas to further enrich our initiatives within AGORA.

We are excited to host this pilot community day at AGORA and count on your motivation and engagement !  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the initiative, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’re eagerly looking forward to your participation!

For further information please contact the AGORA team.