AGORA Workshop – Multimodal Imaging: in life sciences and cancer research | February 2nd

Breakthroughs in imaging technologies have been a driving force for new discoveries in biology. Indeed, the ability to visualize events occurring in the living organism is essential for understanding biomedical processes.

Today, in vivo imaging provides crucial observations of cell dynamics, and allows for assessment and manipulation of cells at the molecular level. It is also possible to combine different imaging modalities to analyze life at different resolutions and scales.

To advance knowledge and networking in this area, this one-day workshop will explore intravital microscopy, light-triggered functional interventions, macroscopic imaging techniques (e.g. PET-CT, MRI), and new tools for visualization, targeting, labeling and manipulation of cells in vivo. We will also discuss the combination of imaging modalities, and image analysis and the use of AI in this area. We will mostly focus on the application of these techniques to cancer research.

Meeting organizers: Alexandre Benechet, Susan Gasser, Mikael Pittet

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