AGORA Workshop – Spatial Multi-Omics: Use in Biology and Medicine | January 18th

Spatial resolved transcriptomics and multiplexing of antibodies aim to detect mRNAs or/and proteins of a single cell in the context of tissue environment. This spatial context is crucial for understanding key mechanisms in cell biology, neurobiology or tumor biology like cell-cell interactions. Many technologies based on different methods (microdissection, in situ hybridization, in situ sequencing, in situ capturing and cyclic immunodetection) have been developed to fulfill this need. In general, those procedures are still under development, difficult to implement in a lab or come with high investment.

This workshop is a great opportunity to advance your knowledge about existing technologies, expand your network and discuss with peers as well as industry partners.

More information and registration: Workshop ‒ PTH ‐ EPFL and AGORA Workshop 18.01.2023 (