Olivier Michielin appointed Head of Department of Oncology and newly created Precision Oncology Unit at HUG

Prof. Olivier Michielin, head of the Precision Oncology Center at the Department of Oncology at CHUV, has been appointed head of the Department of Oncology at HUG, where he will also lead the newly established Precision Oncology Unit.


Prof. Michielin will continue his activities at CHUV, where he directs the Precision Oncology Center as a research and development facility. The strong link between the Lausanne and Geneva Centers will thus provide the ideal conditions for a strong partnership in clinical oncology, as well as in oncological research.

Created in 2016 by Prof. Michielin, the Precision Oncology Center at CHUV will continue its mission as an innovative research and development hub in the field of oncology data science and personalized oncology research.

We warmly congratulate Prof. Michielin and wish him every success in his new mission at the HUG!

Press release CHUV (in French)

Profile of Prof. Michielin at HUG (in French)