Dr. Radmila Faizova, Schottelius Group, Secures Spark Grant.

Dr. Radmila Faizova, a member of the Schottelius group, which is part of the Service de médecine nucléaire et imagerie moléculaire du CHUV, was awarded funding from the SNSF Spark grants for her project ‘FAcT: Fluoride-Actinium-based Theranostics.’ SNSF Spark aims to support the rapid testing or development of novel and unconventional scientific ideas in any disciplines (high-risk research). This initiative pioneers the development of a new alpha therapy imaging method, encouraging innovative approaches within the scientific community.

SNSF: 2023

SNSF Spark aims to fund unconventional and high-risk scientific projects that lack preliminary data. Open to applicants with a doctorate or equivalent qualifications, the program seeks projects that demonstrate unique thinking and approaches unlikely to be funded elsewhere. The double-blind review process ensures unbiased evaluation, with applicants required to submit relevant educational and employment histories. Funding ranges from CHF 50,000 to CHF 100,000 for a duration of 6 to 12 months. Approved projects must commence within six months of approval, and no extensions are granted for foreseeable circumstances. This initiative encourages innovation and provides critical support for the exploration of groundbreaking ideas within the scientific community.