Prof. Pittet & Prof. Michielin secure SNSF Grant for Innovative Cancer Research Project.

Image: Mikael Pittet

Professor at UNIGE’s Faculty of Medicine; CRTOH member; Ludwig Cancer Research member; HUG affiliate; Agora Cancer Center member; SCCL member.

Image: Olivier Michielin

Professor at UNIGE’s Faculty of Medicine; CRTOH member; HUG department of oncology chair; Agora Cancer Center member; SCCL co-director.

A significant 3 million CHF grant has been awarded to the University of Geneva (UNIGE) from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). This project, led by Prof. Patrycja Nowak-Sliwinska, will be conducted in collaboration with fellow leaders Prof. Mikael Pittet and Prof. Olivier Michielin, all members of the Centre for Translational Onco-Haematology (CRTOH) at UNIGE. The initiative also partners with Prof. Arjan Griffioen of UMC Amsterdam and Prof. Vincent Zoete of the University of Lausanne.

The project focuses on transforming resistant tumors into those vulnerable to immune system attack. This work underscores the collaborative strength of CRTOH and UNIGE’s commitment to innovative cancer research. 

All our congratulations go to Prof. Mikael Pittet and Prof. Olivier Michielin!