Renaud Du Pasquier elected Dean of the FBM-UNIL 2024-27

Elected on February 27 by the Faculty Council, Prof. Du Pasquier will take office as Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of UNIL on August 1, 2024, succeeding Prof. Pascual. Sustainability, improved governance and synergies between clinical and basic sciences will be at the center of his mission.

Prof. Renaud Du Pasquier will take over the reins of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine on August 1, 2024.
Félix Imhof © UNIL.

Renaud Du Pasquier is no newcomer to the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine (FBM): since 2021, he has been Vice-Dean for Communication, Strategy and Sustainability in the team headed by Manuel Pascual. He made no secret of it then, and continues to do so today: “Bringing the theme of sustainability was my motivation for joining the Dean’s Office,” stresses the UNIL professor and Head of Neurology at the CHUV. “It’s the common thread throughout my commitment.”

Nevertheless, he does not just want to be the “Dean of Sustainability”: elected on February 27, 2024 by the FBM Faculty Council for the 2024-2027 legislature, and confirmed in his post on March 20 by the UNIL-CHUV-Unisanté Board of Directors, Renaud Du Pasquier identifies several major challenges for the FBM.

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