The AGORA IVIF welcomes application specialist Giulia Di Domenicantonio

The AGORA In Vivo Imaging Facility (IVIF) is happy to welcome application specialist Dr. Giulia Di Domenicantonio !

Giulia holds a Master and a PhD degree in Physics from the University of Rome, Italy and EPFL respectively. From 2013 to 2017 she specialized in Medical Physics with a focus on advanced quantification of PET and SPECT data, and the development of clinical protocols for dynamic PET. Before joining the IVIF, she worked at the Neuroimaging Research Lab (LREN) at CHUV where she took care of the facility 3T MRI and explored the application of quantitative MRI to brain imaging.

Dr. Di Domenicantonio’s extensive experience in biomedical imaging will allow her to oversee the IVIF facility at AGORA, maintain instruments and support researchers for their everyday PET, CT and MRI experiments. Additionally, she will be performing and developing imaging protocols for researchers.

We wish Giulia much success and joy in her new position, and warmly welcome her to the AGORA community!