Perentes lab

Our lab focuses on novel approaches to improve the impact of immunotherapy on malignant pleural mesothelioma and non-small cell lung cancer. We have developed clinically translatable tumor pre-treatment strategies that favor immunogenicity through cancer vascular modulation to improve the impact of immune checkpoint inhibitors. We are also interested in a better comprehension of the lung cancer vascular characteristics that favor an immune microenvironment that promotes/prevents tumor dissemination to the brain. We have developed a unique thoracic window model that allows intravital imaging of orthotopic tumors (lung cancer and mesothelioma) and their compartments via two-photon laser scanning microscopy. Our research aims to establish pre-clinical evidence for treatment combinations that are then translatable to the clinics. ...

Research projects

Changes of interstitial fluid pressure and blood flow in tumors after low dose photodynamic therapy (L-PDT)

To better understand the mechanism responsible for enhanced drug distribution by L-PDT, we assessed the real time changes of tumor/lung interstitial fluid pressure (IFP) and tumor blood flow (TBF) in mouse models of malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM), lung adenocarcinoma, and pleural sarcomas in rodents before and during L-PDT. We found that photo-induction caused a significant decrease in IFP in all tumor models compared to controls while keeping TBF stable. These observations suggest photo-induction related tumor vasculature alterations with enhancement in convection between the intra- and extravascular spaces which improves drug distribution. The changes in IFP and TBF were similar to those observed with low-dose anti-angiogenic therapy (vascular normalization). Interestingly, no changes in IFP, TBF or drug distribution was observed in adjacent normal lung tissue equally submitted to photo-induction.

L-PDT causes pericyte activation and increases tumor vascular stability

To further understand how L-PDT was stabilizing tumor vessels, we performed in vitro endothelial/pericyte co-culture assays where cells were exposed to L-PDT. We found that L-PDT caused a specific cytoskeletal remodeling in pericytes through RhoA, MLC and FAK. This was confirmed in MPM tumors in mice, where the same pathways, as well as enhanced pericyte coverage of endothelial cells and vascular stabilization after L-PDT, were detected.

Impact of L-PDT on the immune response against MPM and on the combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Given the favorable impact of L-PDT on drug distribution but also its impact on the immune response, we tested whether L-PDT could enhance the immune response against MPM in a murine immunocompetent model and assessed how L-PDT affected subsequent immune checkpoint inhibition therapy. FACS analysis of L-PDT treated MPM (AE17 tumors grown in C57B6 mice) showed that a single PDT treatment enhanced the ratio of CD8+ cells over CD4 helper cells and increased the activity of antigen presenting cells (macrophages and dendritic cells) at day 7. While this had no impact on tumor growth, the combination of L-PDT with anti-CTLA-4 immune checkpoint therapy controlled MPM tumor growth significantly better than controls. Interestingly, the combination of L-PDT with anti-CTLA-4 caused a complete tumor regression in 30% of animals. Finally, enhanced E-Selectin expression, a molecule involved in leucocyte diapedesis, was observed at the endothelial level


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Selected Publications

Prognostic influence of tumor microenvironment after hypofractionated radiation and surgery for mesothelioma.

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