AGORA In Vivo Center – AIVC

The AGORA AIVC is part of the FBM animal facilities and is supervised by the FBM Veterinarian-in-Charge/ Head of the facility. The Veterinarian is responsible for the health care and welfare of the animals as well as the husbandry practices. Under the supervision of the veterinarian, all those involved are specifically trained and committed to the internationally recognised “3R” principles, which state that animal experiments can only be carried out if there are no suitable alternative methods.


The AIVC has several missions and services:

  • House animals in adapted infrastructures and in optimal housing conditions (temperature, humidity, noise and light controlled), accredited by the Cantonal Veterinary Service. The animals are checked daily by animal caretakers and monitored by the veterinarian in charge.
  • Provide support services for the import and export of mice, health monitoring, staff training, basic technical and experimental services.
  • Provide consultancy services regarding the husbandry management and good practices.


The AIVC infrastructure:

  • Main facility (N01) dedicated to long-term housing: capacity of 7’000 cages (area of 1’500 m²)
  • 2 satellite facilities (N03 -N05) dedicated to short-term housing: capacity of 320 cages (area of 100 m²).

The housing rooms (BSL1 and BSL2) are equipped with individually ventilated pressurised cage housing systems and cage changing stations. To respect their natural habits, the animals are housed in groups and their cages are enriched with adapted equipment.

The procedure rooms are equipped with biosafety cabinets, surgical tables and benches with surgical and laboratory microscopes, anaesthesia machines with isoflurane vaporiser and CO2 euthanasia stations.

A dedicated washing area is in place for the cleaning and reconditioning of all material/equipment used in the facility, equipped with washers, autoclaves, chemical chambers.