Coukos lab

Our group focuses on engineering T cells that are associated with immune rejection in cancer. We use systems biology approaches to study the molecular states of T cells that are associated with immune deregulation or attack, either in the steady state or after T cell therapy. Departing from previous knowledge, we are also designing new synthetic T cell states, with the goals of overcoming tumor immune resistance and T cell deregulation. Learning from these lessons, we engineer T cells capable of superior performance and then re-infuse them into patients. We are also studying how certain components of the tumor microenvironment, such as regulatory T cells and blood vessels, can suppress immune responses but also be therapeutically manipulated to enhance the antitumor functions of the infused T cells. We are bringing our novel T cell technologies to the bedside in collaboration with other groups at CHUV and the Ludwig Institute. ...

Research projects

Prof. George Coukos established and directs the Human Integrated Tumor Immunology Discovery Engine (Hi-TIDe) and the Center for Excellence in Cell Therapy, which are focused on developing and testing curative T cell therapies for solid tumors.


George Coukos

Full Professor, Director of Hi-TIDe - Human integrated tumor immunology discovery engine, Head of the Department of Oncology, UNIL & CHUV, Director of Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Lausanne Co-director, Swiss Cancer Center Leman CoukosLab

Principal investigators

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Selected Publications

Activation of the transcription factor NFAT5 in the tumor microenvironment enforces CD8(+) T cell exhaustion.

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Orthogonal cytokine engineering enables novel synthetic effector states escaping canonical exhaustion in tumor-rejecting CD8(+) T cells.

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Nature immunology – 2023 Apr 20

Machine learning predictions of MHC-II specificities reveal alternative binding mode of class II epitopes.

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Immunity – 2023 Mar 30

Patient-reported outcomes in adoptive cell-therapy trials: mind the gap.

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A roadmap for driving CAR T cells toward the oncogenic immunopeptidome.

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Sensitive identification of neoantigens and cognate TCRs in human solid tumors.

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Low-Dose Radiotherapy Reverses Tumor Immune Desertification and Resistance to Immunotherapy.

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Turning up the heat on non-immunoreactive tumours: opportunities for clinical development.

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Therapeutic PD-1 pathway blockade augments with other modalities of immunotherapy T-cell function to prevent immune decline in ovarian cancer.

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Cancer immunotherapy comes of age.

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Tumour hypoxia promotes tolerance and angiogenesis via CCL28 and T(reg) cells.

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Specific recruitment of regulatory T cells in ovarian carcinoma fosters immune privilege and predicts reduced survival.

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