Coukos lab

Our group focuses on engineering T cells that are associated with immune rejection in cancer. We use systems biology approaches to study the molecular states of T cells that are associated with immune deregulation or attack, either in the steady state or after T cell therapy. Departing from previous knowledge, we are also designing new synthetic T cell states, with the goals of overcoming tumor immune resistance and T cell deregulation. Learning from these lessons, we engineer T cells capable of superior performance and then re-infuse them into patients. We are also studying how certain components of the tumor microenvironment, such as regulatory T cells and blood vessels, can suppress immune responses but also be therapeutically manipulated to enhance the antitumor functions of the infused T cells. We are bringing our novel T cell technologies to the bedside in collaboration with other groups at CHUV and the Ludwig Institute. ...


George Coukos

Full Professor, Director of Hi-TIDe - Human integrated tumor immunology discovery engine, Head of the Department of Oncology, UNIL & CHUV, Director of Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Lausanne Co-director, Swiss Cancer Center Leman CoukosLab

Selected Publications

Orthogonal cytokine engineering enables novel synthetic effector states escaping canonical exhaustion in tumor-rejecting CD8(+) T cells.

Corria-Osorio J, Carmona SJ, Stefanidis E, (...), Luther SA, Irving M, Coukos G

Nature immunology – 2023 Apr 20

Machine learning predictions of MHC-II specificities reveal alternative binding mode of class II epitopes.

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Patient-reported outcomes in adoptive cell-therapy trials: mind the gap.

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Journal for immunotherapy of cancer – 2022 Dec 18

A roadmap for driving CAR T cells toward the oncogenic immunopeptidome.

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Cancer cell – 2022 Jan 10

Sensitive identification of neoantigens and cognate TCRs in human solid tumors.

Arnaud M, Chiffelle J, Genolet R, (...), Bobisse S, Coukos G, Harari A

Nature biotechnology – 2021 Nov 15

Low-Dose Radiotherapy Reverses Tumor Immune Desertification and Resistance to Immunotherapy.

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Cancer discovery – 2021 Sep 3

Turning up the heat on non-immunoreactive tumours: opportunities for clinical development.

Ochoa de Olza M, Navarro Rodrigo B, Zimmermann S, Coukos G

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Immunotherapy in Ovarian Cancer: Are We There Yet?

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Rational combinations of immunotherapy with radiotherapy in ovarian cancer.

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Mechanisms regulating T-cell infiltration and activity in solid tumors.

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The Human Vaccines Project: A roadmap for cancer vaccine development.

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T-cell and NK-cell infiltration into solid tumors: a key limiting factor for efficacious cancer immunotherapy.

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Tumor endothelium FasL establishes a selective immune barrier promoting tolerance in tumors.

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Therapeutic PD-1 pathway blockade augments with other modalities of immunotherapy T-cell function to prevent immune decline in ovarian cancer.

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Cancer immunotherapy comes of age.

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Tumour hypoxia promotes tolerance and angiogenesis via CCL28 and T(reg) cells.

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Nature – 2011 Jul 13

Specific recruitment of regulatory T cells in ovarian carcinoma fosters immune privilege and predicts reduced survival.

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Intratumoral T cells, recurrence, and survival in epithelial ovarian cancer.

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